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  • Arardo 925 Sterling Silver Belly Button Rings SS4

Arardo 925 Sterling Silver Belly Button Rings SS4

Arardo 925 Sterling Silver Belly Button Rings SS4 Arardo 925 Sterling Silver Belly Button Rings SS4

Arardo 925 Sterling Silver Belly Button Rings Teardrop Navel Rings


Sparkle Cubic Zircons


Exquisite Cutting Workmanship and Stylish Outward Appearance Design.


Real 925 Sterling Silver Bar

Reliable Safe Hypoallergenic 

Very Comfortable and Prevents Damage and Irritation to Your Skin.

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Premium Belly Button Ring Jewellery

The optimum choice for belly rings, especially for those who suffer piercing allergies due to its low nickel content. Many people think that 925 Silver jewellery is less valuable because it tarnishes. While it is true that it does eventually tarnish, it is also easily restored (unlike cheaper metals). Simply use a silver cloth or silver cleaning agent to polish your belly jewellery - no matter how tarnished it is. Polishing will restore its shiny luster and bring it back every time!

Arardo solid 925 sterling silver belly button rings are a premium range of body jewellery. Made using only the highest grade of materials and craftsmanship, each piece has been carefully designed to eliminate the hurt and hassle of traditional navel body jewellery.