Arardo 925 Sterling Silver Belly Rings Navel Rings Piercing Jewelry Collection - AB0097


925 Sterling Silver Belly Button Rings Flower CZ Navel Rings Piercing Jewelry


Thickness: 1.6mm(14G) Bar Length: 10mm

Material: 925 Sterling Silver








Silver is dearer than surgical steel, it is shinier, durable and is recognised as a precious metal.

Especially for those who suffer piercing allergies due to its low nickel content.

Arardo 925 Sterling Silver Belly Rings made using only the highest grade of solid 925 sterling silver and craftsmanship, each piece has been carefully designed to eliminate the hurt and hassle of traditional navel body jewellery.


No matter how tarnished it is. Polishing will restore its shiny luster and bring it back to brand new every time!

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